Sunday, February 07, 2010

2010. What do I want 2010 to be?
I am not a resolution maker, because I have found, as have so many others, that resolutions only beg to be broken. Yet, looking at the year ahead I have decided I would like this to be a year in which I learn to listen more than I speak. The tongue. Again, the tongue. I have worked on a variation of this in the past, learning to have a least a bit of grace in my words. Learning to hold my tongue, at least a bit. Huge stuff. And I have seen some success in these endeavors. So. Again, to hold my tongue and to listen.
I like what one of my pastors once pointed out - God has given us two ears and only one tongue, so we were meant to listen more than we speak.
And. My face. I do not possess a "poker face". I find it difficult to hold my hand in secret, my face tells all. I can tell you I am not happy without speaking a word. Of course we can all do that, but sometimes it does not benefit, to wear your heart on your sleeve or your thoughts on your face.

Along with listening more and speaking less I have decided to borrow a goal from someone else - Ann Voskamp has said on her blog that she desires to make this a year of "yes". I would also like to make this a year of yes.

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