Thursday, February 11, 2010

So, I'm getting ready to make lunch for the little ones and am able to breathe again. I sure don't know what was going on this morning with the 2 year old princess, but apparently leaving the house to pick-up our 5 year old has caused a refreshing wind to blow through - my brain - my heart - my soul - my - ? All of that I think. Well, it sure has blown through and now we get a crack at the afternoon. Another chance. Back to the making lunch thing - I'm making lunch and I am thinking about the morning, and then my blog comes to mind and I think - Love Wins. Cracked me up. Massive fail. But then, I need to remember that love wins because I am so not there yet. So, just so you know - the name of my blog is Love Wins because I need to get there, not because I am there.

More thinking. This morning; she is a reflection of me. Looks like I may have been the problem. Oh my, will I ever get there. I have found a community of women with children who I can follow, I think of them and comparatively, I have no challenges. That's not true, we do have our challenges, and I believe it is attachment disorder.

February 11 Devotional
"The Lord your God will cleanse your heart...
so that you will love Him with all your heart and soul."
Deuteronomy 30:6

I am counting on Him because I sure don't have the love or the strength. It is loving Him, knowing that He loves me, that He loves them, that encourages me to stay the course when I just want to stop, give up, quit. Guess they're stuck with me.

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